Non Uno di Troppo

Reaching out to dogs in Campania in 2020


 Our ongoing leitmotif: sterilization. This was the main objective which guided the #Nonunoditroppo (Too Many Puppies) project in 2020 in Campania, even during the pandemic.

After the initial slowdown in operations due to the Covid health emergency, our local partners in the Naples area resumed their sterilization program with even more determination, achieving 243 operations on stray and privately-owned dogs.

And that was not all they did! In 2020, thanks to the tireless work of our collaborators of the Associazione Animalista Oreste Zevola (Oreste Zevola Animal Association), families were found for 37 dogs, 11 privately-owned dogs were rescued from neglect, and 38 stray dogs were identified and officially registered using the Stray Dogs Tracker app.


The 2020 results, combined with those of the first year of the project, bring the total number of sterilizations to 460 with 63 dogs adopted through twinning systems with two facilities in the North, while 172 dogs were enrolled on the official dog registry and 200 previously untracked dogs were registered across the whole territory, thanks to the Stray Dogs Tracker app.


This data will be integrated together with the information from the dog shelters in the area in order to determine the overall impact of the sterilization program. The project is going extremely well and members of the community have also responded very positively, showing that when a service is offered free of charge there is always a good response from the local residents.

These encouraging results inspire us to continue our efforts with even greater energy, so that we can help reduce the suffering of stray dogs and offer as many dogs as possible the dignified life they deserve.



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