Footprints of Joy

Urgent appeal
Desperately seeking Ginger

Ginger is a gorgeous, super affectionate and cuddly tomcat of about 7 years of age who is looking for a family. This might seem to be an appeal like many others we have made in the past, but in fact this is not the case. 

What follows is for anyone who is really interested in changing his/her life forever!

Sadly, Ginger is suffering from full-blown FIV, also known as cat AIDS, and has developed severe gingivitis and chronic stomatitis related to his autoimmune disease, which thanks to treatment is now under control but which could persistently recur and worsen.

Due to his condition, Ginger has a short life expectancy, but he deserves a great family for the time he has left and we would really like him to be placed in a loving and affectionate home.

And he really loves cuddles!

We are aware that the treatment he needs is very demanding, but the prospect of him ending his days in a cage all alone without receiving the caresses he constantly seeks makes us feel extremely sad. Complicating matters further is the fact that Ginger does not get on at all well with other cats. This is why we are looking for a home for him on his own without other animals.

If you think you might be willing to adopt Ginger, or if you know of someone who could help this beautiful but unfortunate cat, please write to Alessandra, Adoption Manager, at the email address

Thank you for whatever assistance you can give!