The Mayor Liviu Negoita has clearly decided to spend the public money by commissioning Green Life Recycling (previously blocked by some complaints but having resumed its activity) to capture 300 dogs, more or less the total number of those on the streets of city.

Green Life employees use an unbranded vehicle (while law requires the van’s identification) and are accompanied by officers local police who defend them from the harassment of some citizens.

Despite some isolated cases where people have tried to free dogs from the nets, most people agree with the administration’s choice of racking the streets. Obviously, there was no prevention activity (fines for those who refuse sterilization and those who abandon) have been made: the Municipality prefers to rage on the dogs who obviously do not vote.

Save the Dogs is trying to save as many animals as possible, but the shelter and clinic are full and the adoptions abroad have decreased due to the great competition among the associations which propose dogs to Western countries.

firma sara_NEW
Save the Dogs’ founder