Too Many Puppies

The Non Uno di Troppo (Too Many Puppies) program launched by Save the Dogs in 2019 addresses the challenge of strays dogs and overcrowded shelters in Southern Italy.

Working with our network of trusted local associations and veterinarians, we have created and also finance fully integrated projects that have a direct impact on the number of animals on the streets and in kennels. These projects include:

  • STERILIZATION of privately-owned dogs and strays, free of charge
  • MICROCHIP APPLICATION AND REGISTRATION of as many dogs as possible
  • EDUCATION AND SENSITIZATION of the owners of the animals
  • PRESSURE ON THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES WORKING IN SYNERGY to encourage good practices in preventing and combating dog overpopulation.

In addition, the program aims to help existing voluntary associations in Southern Italy develop and increase the effectiveness of their operations.



Our first “Non Uno di Troppo” (Too Many Puppies) project began in 2019 in Licola Mare.



In 2021, Save the Dogs launches its second “Non Uno di Troppo” (Too Many Puppies) project in collaboration with local partners, following a detailed analysis of the needs of the specific area.