Footprints of Joy

A second chance for Ollie


Discovered at around three weeks old on the streets of a village near Cernavoda, Ollie was admitted to our clinic last July.

Unfortunately, from the outset her eyes displayed signs of microphthalmia, a congenital malformation which makes the eyes smaller than normal.

As she grew, her condition worsened and she developed a rare upper eyelid defect.

Watch Ollie being welcomed Ollie to our clinic


The situation seemed desperate, her card seemed marked. But we refused to surrender.

In order to avoid losing her eyesight, Ollie urgently needed a very complex surgical operation, which unfortunately could not be carried out in Romania. We therefore decided to take her to Milan, where Ollie underwent a delicate operation on January 26.

It was successful, but has not solved the problem entirely, and Ollie will always need special care. We needed a very special family to look after her – and we have found one! The kitten has been adopted by a vet, the ideal person to give her all the care she will need.

We believe that getting a second chance really does exist in life, and we save the life of animals like Ollie every day, giving them a new life free from suffering.

Please continue to support our work to give a second chance and a new life to other needy animals like Ollie.