20150722_173711In July Save the Dogs’ President Sara Turetta, in Romania for one of her customary visits, sends to the staff in Milan one photo accompanied by the following text:

“Look at the dog that has been abandoned today in front of the shelter in Cernavoda.

It broke my heart to see her like this. She has among the saddest eyes I have ever seen.”

This is how Ina’s story began, the dog that managed to keep us in suspense. This is because when she arrived in our clinic we couldn’t know if she would have made it. She had her teeth broken, the muzzle marked by a hot iron and the mange covering all her body.

Yet our vets gave us soon the good news: Ina was out of danger. She had overcome the delicate vaccination phase and was responding well to the treatments.

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Now Ina is a healthy and affectionate dog, who conquered us all with her wonderful smiles. And we tell you even more: there is already a family waiting to meet her at the airport in Stockholm!





Here you are the long awaited moment: the touching meeting between Ina and her new family. Good luck Ina!

Thank you on behalf of Ina and of all
the strays we daily assist in our centers!