International adoptions

The big number of dogs on the streets and inside the Romanian shelters together with the lack of a local adoption culture make the international adoptions the sole salvation for thousands of them. While working through projects in schools to promote a new sensibility in Romania on the topic of adoptions, we are forced to find a temporary solution that allows many dogs and cats to have a decent life and not to die in Romania (read the position paper of the EU Dog & Cat Alliance on international rehoming).

Therefore sending dogs abroad is not a “whim” of animal welfare organizations (or – as someone claims – a business) but an objective need, which requires relevant financial and logistic efforts.

Each country has well-defined characteristics, both regarding the situation of the dog population and the type of partnership that we have developed with the partner associations. Beside the differences and the different ways through which we have developed the partnerships (read the detailed information on adoptions in Scandinavia and in Austria) the principles of our adoptions are common:

  • Our animals are healthy and sterilized
  • Pets have the appropriate documents required by the EU laws and their transfer develops in total legality
  • The transparency of the transfer is total, starting from the departure to the arrival in the family
  • Pets are being selected according to their sociability and predisposition to family life
  • The adoptions are made in geographic areas where there exists both an objective demand for certain types of dogs and the chance to absorb the dogs without altering the local balance of dog population.