Encouraging news from Constanta: Puppy Vet is offside

12507384_1704418269772680_8129613743413291755_nNo renewal of the contract between the Municipality of Constanta and Puppy Vet, the private company that manages the strays in the city capital of the province where Save the Dogs has been operating since 2002. The official announcement came last week during a meeting between officials of the Municipality and representatives of animal welfare organizations, including Save the Dogs.

No surprise about the fact that the relations between the Municipality of Constanta and the notorious Puppy Vet were in crisis. The new interim mayor Decebal Fagadau, in office since last year when his predecessor Radu Mazare was arrested, on several occasions expressed dissatisfaction with the methods used by the company for managing the strays in his city. Therefore the last week’s decision is not a bolt from the blue and could be the sign of an important change of course.

The contract with Puppy Vet will cease on February 2. The management of the 200 dogs now present in the kennel will be temporarily entrusted to local associations as long as the Municipality will not have set up its own department for the management of stray dogs, giving up this way to contract out the service to outside firms.

A period of transition will then start, featuring the civil society. In this phase Save the Dogs will play a strategic role: as well as offering immediate support with supplies of food and straw, will provide the institutions its own “know-how” in order to facilitate the development of a management strategy based on an integrated approach.

The future is yet to be drawn and the unknown factors, in a town that has long been managed in a mafia manner, are numerous. However Save the Dogs, though without lowering the guard, enthusiastically welcomes this desire to turn the page. We hope this to be only the beginning of a real change for the strays in Constanta, for too long victims of those who should have provided for their protection.


In 2010 Save the Dogs managed to film
the killings inside the public kennel of Constanta.

A complaint followed, filed two years later.
Watch the video here (WARNING SHOCKING IMAGES)


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