An adoption in Cernavoda

Gioia’s life has undergone a huge change in the space of just a few weeks. Until recently, she was having to survive all alone on the streets of Cernavoda in Romania. She used to roam around scavenging for food and, as is often the case, several of the locals made sure she always had something to eat. But then one day something happened to change all that.

One of the residents, Signora Camelia, contacted us after Gioia gave birth to a litter of puppies: she had been hiding under a heap of branches and pipes, trying to keep her babies warm and protect them from the freezing winter wind. This kind lady regularly brought her some food, but she was worried that something might happen to them.

When we went over to assess the situation, Camelia immediately offered to adopt Gioia so that she would no longer be living on the street. But her generosity did not stop there. She has temporarily taken in the little ones as well and is helping us to find them families willing to adopt them.

In the meantime, she is training Gioia to walk with a leash and how to behave in the home, an environment the dog has never known before now.

Thanks to the CONNECTING LIVES program, we at Save the Dogs are monitoring the situation and assisting Camelia with every stage of weaning the puppies and raising them correctly. We pay her regular visits and are continuing to donate food for all of the dogs. Recently, we also took her some toys for the little ones, which were very well received.

Once the weaning period comes to an end, we will arrange to spay Gioia, free of charge, to prevent new litters from being born in the future.

All the families with animals in our care as part of the program will benefit from receiving our support by means of ongoing donations of free food and veterinary care. We know that whenever we can alleviate the suffering of animals, we are also helping to alleviate suffering for humans too.