Calabria: developments in the new law regarding strays

Calabria is known for having a serious problem of stray animals and for the elevated number of dogs locked up in facilities which they are unfortunately unlikely to leave once they have been confined.

The last official figures date back several years and report some 15,000 animals segregated in licensed dog pounds, but the Region of Calabria continues to withhold official statistics (LAV Report 2022).

Despite this situation, in September 2022 Regional Councilor Giuseppe Graziano proposed the introduction of a new law to combat the phenomenon of strays and to protect the animals. His report included a number of substantial improvements to the existing legislation.

Calabria may soon benefit from new legislation regarding stray animals

As soon as we became aware of this possibility, the Save the Dogs team instantly acted to give Councilman Graziano our backing and encourage him to pursue this initiative.

Thanks to your support, we collected more than eight thousand signatures to reinforce our campaign, and we asked the Health Commission to incorporate some additional changes that would make the act even more effective in combating the phenomenon of strays.

We are however fully aware of the difficulties that Calabria’s regional health system is currently experiencing, a predicament that precludes the prompt implementation of national legislation, particularly with regard to a sterilization program.

Changes to the amendments of the act regarding strays in Calabria have not been incorporated

Sadly, the changes were not embraced by the Health Commission, which elected to continue the legislative process without altering the structure of the new law.

Unless the Regional Council decides otherwise, the legislation will therefore be approved in its current version, which would still represent a historic step for the fight against strays and the protection of animal rights in Calabria.

Moreover, it should be noted that further improvements could also be incorporated at a later date within the framework of an implementing regulation concerning operational modalities, which could have a better opportunity of having an impact on the region’s requirements.

Save the Dogs now intends to seek an open dialogue with the relevant authorities and actively contribute wherever possible in furthering any potential improvements of the legislation.