Footprints of Freedom. The transfer of the elderly dogs to their new homes has been completed

Footprints of Freedom is a 1,500 sqm facility we have built within our Footprints of Joy center in Cernavoda in Romania. It is divided into three 500-square-metre enclosures which house residents at our facility that cannot be put up for adoption.

This area is intended for dogs that have experienced severe difficulties in the past and have been damaged by severe maltreatment or trauma that is so profound that they cannot be adopted by a family. None of these animals allow us to touch them or agree to wear a harness. Many completely refuse any human contact at all and just being close to people causes them deep discomfort. It is for this reason that they need a dedicated space where they can enjoy a quiet life. 

How did the transfer of these elderly dogs to Footprints of Freedom go?

In July last year, we launched a fundraiser to allow us to build this new area, and thanks to your generous support we were able to start work on the project immediately. Back in early January 2023, we began moving the first group of dogs to their new homes. We started with the youngest animals, gradually evaluating each individual placement, monitoring their reactions and preferences.

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This month we have started moving older dogs, like Zeus, who has been living with us for many years now. We first rescued him from the Ovidiu dog pound, which is notorious for the terrible things that have happened within its walls, after he had been taken there by dog catchers. He was badly traumatized by these two dramatic experiences, and it took a long time before he began to trust us again.

Nowadays, Zeus tolerates our presence in his enclosure. He loves the rewards we give him and the company of other dogs, but – as is very often the case with dogs with his history – he refuses to be touched and it is impossible for us to handle him in any way. We know that living with a family would not be the most suitable solution for him at all.

A new life for Zeus at Footprints of Freedom

When Zeus first stepped into Footprints of Freedom, however, we immediately knew that living here was going to be the perfect solution for him. He went around sniffing the whole enclosure and then promptly rolled around on the grass for an age. We had never seen him do anything like that before!

Today he shares his days with Dewey, with whom he relaxes in the sunshine and soaks up the fresh spring air. Our hearts rejoice to see them running around together every now and then.

None of this would have been possible without you!