Ukraine. She waited for her family for eight months, but they never came back

Many of us know the true story of Hachiko, the famous Akita pedigree dog who sat waiting patiently for over ten years for his deceased owner at the station from which he used to travel every day. During our last mission to Ukraine, we learned about a cat who was saved by one of our partners, who reminded us very much of this sad tale.

Hachiko, as the cat has been named, used to live with her family in Mykolaiv. Her human companions had to flee when conflict reached their city, but as has been the case for many families, they were not able to take her with them.

Hachiko sat waiting for them to return at the bus stop near their home for over eight months, but unfortunately, they never came back.

When Anna Kurkurina heard her story, she immediately offered to help. Kurkurina is a world champion in powerlifting and has chosen to remain in Mykolaiv to help the hundreds of animals left roaming the streets.

Together with a group of brave volunteers, she distributes the food we send them every month and takes care of everyone left behind in the city, regardless of whether they have two or four legs. You can read her story here.

Hachiko is now living at Anna’s home, along with the other cats and dogs she has rescued, cared for and surrounded by the love of the volunteers who help her every day to overcome her bad experience.

Along with 6,000 other dogs and cats, Hachiko is only able to stay alive thanks to the food sent each month by Save the Dogs to over 20 shelters and 400 volunteers like Anna.