How to prepare for fireworks

A lists of suggestions to comfort your dog during fireworks
A Dog scared by fireworks

A Dog scared by fireworks


Choose a quiet spot in your home where your dog can relax. Use a blanket, place their favorite toys nearby, include an article of your clothing to comfort them with your scent, and most importantly, provide a natural chew toy for them to gnaw on. Chewing helps reduce stress and promotes relaxation.

Don’t isolate your dog in one room; instead, follow their lead. If they decide to go under a bed or hide somewhere, avoid calling them to come out.

If your dog starts to roam around the house seeking refuge, use a dog carrier to make it easier for him to find a place that is similar to a den. Remember to keep it open! Your dog should be able to go in or out of the carrier as they wish.

Close all the windows and try to insulate the house as much as possible from external noises. Try turning on the TV or radio at a low volume and see if that helps.


If your dog is frightened, comfort him or her! Stay close by, show them that you are with them in this difficult moment, which will strengthen your bond between you. Don’t ignore them or leave them alone!

If your dog barks, don’t scold or reprimand him or her. Try instead to be a calming force, reassure them, and provide a sense of tranquility.
Organize small play sessions throughout the evening, not just as a distraction but also as a way of associating the moment with something positive.You can choose to play problem-solving games that engage the mind and allow your pet to focus on the activity, rather than chasing a ball around the house and creating more confusion.

If you have guests, take the time to instruct them on how to approach and interact with your dog, especially if there are children involved. You could also consult a dog trainer for advice, but it is essential to do this in advance, rather than waiting until the very last moment.


If your pet has real trouble during fireworks, thunderstorms, or similar situations, it is best to consult your veterinarian to rule out any physical issues. If there are no health problems, giving him or her natural supplements in advance can prove beneficial.