Iosif: a troubled story

Four months ago his entry in our clinic in Medgidia. Iosif is about six months old and his body shows obvious signs of mange and malnutrition, a clinical picture common to most of the dogs that we welcome in our clinics in Romania.

Iosif immediately starts the treatment and a few weeks later his health condition improves.

The puppy becomes the new mascot of the Medgidia shelter and he even manages to share the kennel with Gucci, the “landlord” of Medgidia known for his unfriendly character.


It seemed that Iosif was almost healing when we received an unexpected news: the puppy began to lose hair and to give signs of discomfort. Our veterinarians, concerned about his health, decided to deepen the checks in a specialized clinic. The results: Iosif, as well as being affected by demodectic mange, is struggling with a papilloma virus that makes his healing very difficult.

And so, with a new diagnosis, Iosif starts fighting for his life again! A few days after the start of the new treatment the puppy is already showing the first signs of recovery.

UPDATE DECEMBER: Iosif made it! He was booked by a Swedish family that he will meet soon!