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About three weeks ago our association started mobilizing to obtain the closure of the kennel in Ovidiu (Romania), where all the dogs caught in the province of Constanta, including the city of Cernavoda, are brought. In the video Save the Dogs’ President Sara Turetta updates you on the development of the campaign, which has so far received the support of many people throughout Europe.

As anticipated by our President, on Wednesday 4th of April four members of Save the Dogs Romania staff went to the shelter to check the conditions of the dogs.

All we knew about the management of the facility was – unfortunately – confirmed: the dogs, some of them visibly sick, live in crumbling boxes, aware of their end. Despite the hostility with which we were welcomed, we were not stopped from taking away the animals.

We let you imagine the pain experienced by the members of our staff while having to “select” only some of the dogs, but unfortunately we have not managed to free more space in the clinic to be able to accommodate more.

Fortunately – not at all obvious given the infected environment in which they were locked up – all the dogs were in good general condition of health and negative for the tests for parvovirus and distemper (although we must wait at least ten days to be absolutely sure). They have already received the first vaccine as well as the internal and external antiparasitic treatment. At the moment they are in quarantine rooms and some of them are positive for carrier diseases (brought by parasites such as ticks) and will receive the necessary treatment.

We leave you with photos of some of the lucky survivors, hoping for a positive path for each of them.

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