On 23 March, the Romanian language version of Sara Turetta’s autobiography “Dogs are My Life,” entitled “Urme de Bucurie,” was presented in Rome as part of the cultural program recently organized by the Embassy of Romania. The event was packed to capacity, with an enthusiastic audience that watched Sara in conversation with the Deputy Director of the Academy of Romania, Oana Bosca-Malin, as they talked over some of the key incidents narrated in her book. Professor Bosca-Malin was particularly interested in understanding the working relationship between Save the Dogs and the local community in Cernavoda and its positive development over the years, the huge change in lifestyle that prompted our president to move to this remote location in the southeast of Romania twenty years ago, and the “inspirational” role we play in that country today, particularly with regard to collaborating with the authorities and other animal protection associations. The presentation was also attended by the former Ambassador of Romania, Signor Marco Giungi and his wife Federica, who were special guests of honor at the ribbon-cutting ceremony when we opened our veterinary clinic in 2017. Due to prior institutional commitments, Ambassador Gabriela Dancau was unfortunately unable to attend the presentation, but she asked to meet with Sara during the morning to learn more about the problem of stray animals and the critical issues posed by the current legislation. Their meeting was extremely warm and friendly, and we formally asked the Ambassador to become the spokesperson for our requests to the Romanian government.