DSC08480I saved a dog from her abuser but I do not have a car to take to the clinic for treatment. Please, help me!”

This is the call we received ten days ago from a villager 65 km from Cernavoda.
A team of Save the Dogs immediately rushed, knowing that the timeliness of the intervention would – once again – save a life.

The operators have found a dog with a string stuck in the neck and in severe pain, a situation unfortunately not uncommon in Romania.


Piatra, so renamed by the staff, was taken to our clinic, where the veterinarians urgently removed the string and disinfected the wound.

The photo below shows Piatra after the surgery: she will make it, she only needs a good antibiotic therapy and daily cures.

The last video arrived a few days ago shows her during a walk outside the clinic with our worker Nicoleta: we removed the bandages and now we just have to wait for the wound to heal.

We hope that the stay in our clinic may be as short as possible and that Piatra may soon go home to enjoy her new family. Yes, because the man who saved her will also adopt her, and for us this is the most beautiful news in the world.