Schizzo’s routine in Castel Volturno

If there is one thing Schizzo loves, it is having a routine. The San Francesco Dog Shelter, our partner with the TOO MANY PUPPIES program in Castel Volturno, has been taking excellent care of him for several years and together they have created a daily routine that suits him down to the ground. Lying back and basking in the sun’s rays as you can see him doing in this photo is one of his favorite things.

Schizzo (or ‘Sketch’ in English) arrived at the refuge when he was only four months old. He had just survived distemper, a very serious disease that mostly affects puppies and can very often lead to premature death.

Although his life was saved, his health was badly compromised and he developed a series of neural problems that, combined with other physical issues, jeopardized his chances of being adopted.

Everyone working at the shelter, however, refused to give up on him. Together they created a reassuring daily routine that has become all-important to Schizzo. He waits for the same person to come to him every morning to give him his medication, feed him and let him outside to run around and stretch his legs.

Because of his age and health problems, he does not sleep in a kennel like the other dogs – who are usually only there on a temporary basis – but is free to roam wherever he wants, sleeping in a heated room with the other older residents.

Every day, when the sun comes out, he takes himself over to lie down in that cozy corner you can see in the photo and soak up the warm rays on his white muzzle. You could practically set your clock by him!