Sterilizing animals in Ukraine: our efforts continue despite the ongoing war

Our program mainly focused on urban areas, Odessa, Izmail and Mykolayv, where we have been establishing solid partnerships with volunteers since the beginning of the war. Despite the high demand for veterinary services in these cities resulted into a general increase in the cost of services, we managed to secure agreements with the clinics at optimal prices allowing more animals to be reached and served than planned.

Five clinics are involved in the sterilizations program

Five clinics have been involved in the program, three in Odessa, one in Izmail and one in Mykolayv.

This is Alice Adam, she has about 90 cats in her care

This is Alice Adam, she has about 90 cats in her care

In Izmail, a cross-border city, many pets have been left behind to survive on their own. Here and surrounding areas there is an important increase of cats living in groups. It is estimated that during the war, the number of cats increased 3 times. For this reason, our spay/neuter program in the city has than concentrated on cats’ population.

We are helping Ukrainian people taking care of their animals

This is Alice Adam, she has about 90 cats in her care.

People left the country and threw away cats and dogs. Alice receives kittens in boxes under the fence. Since the summer, she has had 10 new female kittens that urgently needed to be sterilized. Save the Dogs and other Animals help was key for her, because it is very difficult to raise funds for the sterilization of 10 cats in Ukraine at the moment.

Alice thanks for the help with the surgeries, as well as for the constant help with food. She takes care of 90 cats and 6 dogs.

Animals are still being adopted in Ukraine

Dogs sterilized in Odessa

Dogs sterilized in Odessa

Returning from work, Ekaterina saw that the dog was running around the booth and whining. Ekaterina raised the booth, and a kitten jumped out and ran into the bushes. She went to the bushes, and there was another baby. Unfortunately, it was not possible to adopt these babies, as they are wild. Thanks to Save the dogs and the support from Blue Cross and Pets at Home, the sisters were sterilized and will stay with Ekaterina.

Ekaterina also took a cat for sterilization, which people left in the yard of their house and left the country. Ekaterina fed her and then sterilized her thanks to the help of your organization.

And the best news is that a new good family has been found for this cat. She will now live in an apartment.

Food supplies are still reaching Ukraine

Ekaterina also constantly receives food from Save the Dogs and is very grateful for this.

“During our work with your organization, we have sterilized more than 1,000 animals. Behind each assisted animal is a story of survival and hope and the determination of many people who voluntarily help hundreds of dogs and cats every day.

Here are two dogs that volunteers took from an abandoned house on the front line. Other dogs were unfortunately killed by shells. Thanks to you, we sterilized them. Now they are looking for new owners.”

During the war the number of animals increased, the need for sterilization increased even more

During the war the number of animals increased, the need for sterilization increased even more

Ivan Tserkovny, from the Ivan Tserkovny Veterinary Clinic said, “We are located in the Mykolaiv and Odesa regions. During the war the number of animals increased, the need for sterilization increased even more. Many residents left, leaving the animals unattended to die. We helped as best we could. We are very sorry for these animals and thanks to the organization Save the Dogs, we were able to sterilize many animals. If possible, animals were found a home and loving owner, and others were taken to a shelter.

A large number of volunteers approached us, bringing animals for sterilization. There are still many animals that need sterilization, both dogs and cats. We need to continue this work to protect animals. Volunteers and our clinic express a big thanks to you, if it weren’t for you, it’s scary to think what would happen to our animals.

There was a case during the flood, when the Kazovska HPP broke down, many animals were brought to us, which were then sterilized thanks to the free sterilization program provided by Save the Dogs. Volunteers from Odesa and the Odesa region rescued dogs that were tied up, abandoned by people, transported to the Mykolaiv region, the village of Berezanka, Koblevo to safe places, then found a home.

Save the Dogs give happiness to animals!”