Animal welfare in impoverished areas

Whether one lives with a pet or not, we all know that the lives of animals and their human companions are profoundly interconnected.

Whatever happens to one of the two, be it under happy or more challenging circumstances, has a significant effect on the other. The impact is even greater for people living in poverty, which is the case of many families living in small Romanian villages.

Pets are directly affected by their owners’ situations

In households with pets, the balance shifts for owners and their animals if there are difficulties paying for food, shelter and medical care, which sometimes necessitates making painful decisions that can be deeply problematic for both the animals concerned and the family unit.

Although poverty can increase the possibility of a person abandoning a pet, there is no data to support the idea that impoverished owners do not love their animals, or that they are less committed to providing responsible care than owners who enjoy some degree of economic security.

Given the strong connection between animals and people, and the severe impact poverty has on both, we feel a strong need to increase our efforts to help animals that are at risk.

Providing food and medical care

Every year, Save the Dogs provides food for domestic pets belonging to underprivileged families living in the countryside, thus positively impacting households that have an unstable source of income. In addition, our outreach program informs these families about other Save the Dogs’ services available to them. Initial basic assistance such as the distribution of food supplies can develop into a whole range of treatments for the animals, including emergency veterinary services, sterilization, vaccinations and flea treatments.

Focusing on the causes, not just the consequences

Regardless of whether we are providing food, healthcare services or treatments, our goal is always the same: we aim to find effective ways to reduce the dramatic effect poverty has on families living with pets. In doing so, we are also addressing the root causes for abandoning pets and the occurrence of stray animals, rather than concentrating solely on the detrimental consequences that a life of impoverishment has for these animals.

What we do:

  • Distribute fodder for the animals
  • Offer sterilization programs free of charge for privately-owned cats and dogs
  • Cover the costs of major operations
  • Raise awareness in the community concerning animal welfare.