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Some activists of a German association filed a complaint following the tragic death of a working mare.

The animal had been seen on the streets of Calarasi in terrible conditions: undernourished, blind of one eye and dehydrated, the mare had infected wounds all over her body.

While the volunteers were leaving to procure medicines and disinfectants, the poor beast had been made to disappear by the owner, a man of Roma origin.

The day after the horse was found dead in a landfill
, surrounded by shards of bottles.

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At that point the foreign activists called on site an official veterinarian and the police and filed the complaint for death from abuse.

 The doctor confirmed the death of the equine because of dehydration and cachexia, after being excessively exploited.

A further control showed that the man (addicted to alcohol and with an aggressive temper) lives in a shack in conditions of extreme poverty with 9 motherless children.

It is very unlikely that the man will pay for his crimes, yet we hope that the authorities may keep him under surveillance to prevent further abuse of other animals he may hold in the future.