Over to you: Paolo's experience as a long-distance donor

In conversation with Paolo, a dedicated sponsor of the Save the Dogs long-distance adoption program for more than 10 years who was happy to share his insights with us.
Paolo visiting Footprints of Joy, our shelter in Cernavoda, Romania

Paolo visiting Footprints of Joy, our shelter in Cernavoda, Romania

“Being able to ensure a peaceful and protected life for an animal that has been mistreated and who has little chance of being adopted by a family makes me extremely happy”.

These are Paolo’s words, who has chosen to support Save the DogsLong-Distance Adoption program for over 10 years, guaranteeing that the residents at our shelter in Cernavoda in Romania receive food, veterinary care and a safe place where they are protected.

His words confirm that together with your assistance our efforts have the power to genuinely transform a life!

How did you first hear about Save the Dogs?

In 2003, I came across an article in a magazine featuring a young woman called Sara, who had made the bold decision to abandon her career and stability in order to devote herself full time to caring for animals. Her story intrigued me, and after looking into it I discovered that she was the founder of Save the Dogs. Since then, I have actively supported the organization, making a small regular contribution to the long-distance adoption program.

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What inspired you to start this long-distance sponsorship with Save the Dogs?

Deciding to join the long-distance adoption initiative felt almost instinctively the right thing to do: providing a serene and secure life for a cat or dog brings me immense joy. I remember my first adopted dog very well. He was called Derek and was a real character: he was perpetually hungry and consequently a bit on the plump side. I thought he was the most beautiful dog in the world! Currently, my contribution helps look after Giuliana, who was rescued off the streets and now lives safely at the shelter.

What is the most beautiful and rewarding aspect of the long-distance adoption program?

Giuliana, Paolo's long dintance adoption

Giuliana, Paolo’s long dintance adoption

Receiving updates with photos and videos. I love seeing with my own eyes the progress that Giuliana is making every day, and hopefully one day there will be a family who will adopt and take care of her. In the past, I was fortunate enough to visit the shelter in Romania. It was one of the most emotional experiences of my entire life. Interacting with the animals, cuddling them, playing, and going on long walks with them helped me recognize the tangible impact of our support through the long-distance adoption program.

Would you recommend the Save the Dogs’ long-distance adoption program to a friend?

Not only would I heartily recommend it, but I’d also suggest to everyone reading this that they consider gifting a long-distance adoption instead of the usual present at Christmas or for a birthday. It would be the most heartfelt gift you could offer anyone!

Start your long-distance adoption with Save the Dogs today!

Your support will provide your new friend with essential necessities such as food, veterinary attention, and a secure shelter, along with all the love and care they deserve. You will receive an Adoption Certificate officially welcoming them into your family. We will send you regular updates including photos and videos, so that you can witness the direct impact of your assistance.

Thanks to you, he or she will enjoy a tranquil life, and will be beautifully taken care of!