Progress update on the first permanent outpost for dogs belonging to homeless individuals in Milan

"I may not have much, but I spoil her as much as I can."

Thanks to the fixed permanent outpost at ‘mosso’, our Friends on the Street unit has been taking care of dogs belonging to homeless individuals and families facing economic hardships in Milan’s Municipality Zone 2 since the beginning of March. Here are some of their stories.

Wendy and Angelo arrive at 8:30 in the evening. It’s pouring down with rain, but the bad weather hasn’t stopped them coming: Angelo knows Wendy needs a check-up and he’s arrived punctually for his appointment. At the beginning of March, we inaugurated a permanent animal welfare outpost for animals belonging to the homeless and indigent families of Milan at  mosso, a social space run by a Temporary Business Association formed by five non-profit organizations working in the areas of job placement, shelter, culture, and training. Wendy’s is just the first of many appointments scheduled for that day.

The first permanent outpost on Via Padova for dogs belonging to people experiencing homelessness and for destitute families

As he waits for the vet to finish setting up the workstation, Angelo says to us, “I spoil Wendy as much as I can. How could you not love her? When she looks up at you with those eyes…” Thanks to the support of a group of volunteer veterinarians, we can now offer free medical care and check-ups for all the dogs and their owners that we follow, ensuring regular check-ups and timely diagnoses, as well as providing sterilization services and guidance on correct animal management.

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“We don’t have much, but we’ve chosen to adopt her regardless. She’s been through a lot in the past and deserves to have a better life,” he continues. Angelo and Wendy are one of the duos we follow who are able to benefit from our regular assistance.

Thanks to the fixed outpost at ‘mosso’, we can also extend our support to the community in Via Padova in Milan, a multi-ethnic neighborhood where many individuals in need can access dedicated facilities for their pets every month, along with essential supplies like food, leashes, harnesses, and muzzles, which are essential for getting around the city using public transportation.

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Visits, veterinary assistance and essential supplies: what we offer free of charge to all the duos we follow

The first thing we do is check Wendy’s documents and microchip, to ensure everything is in order. The vet then examines her by carrying out a simple routine check-up to make sure she is in good health. Wendy is indeed thriving, and we recently spayed her free of charge.

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“I take her with me everywhere I go, she’s not afraid of anything,” Angelo tells us as he strokes her. Wendy may not be afraid of anything, but like all dogs she looks suspiciously at the vet while she is being examined. When it’s time for her injection, she seeks comfort in Angelo’s arms: she doesn’t understand what’s going on, even though we’re doing it for her own good!

At the end of the visit, we give Wendy a well-received biscuit and Angelo some cans of wet food, which we know she loves. We watch them as they walk away in the rain and get ready to assist the next pair in need.