Save the Dogs presents

Monica, Manager of the Long-Distance Adoption Program.

When people ask me why I work for Save the Dogs, I let the stories of the animals we save speak for themselves. These tales of resilience and renewal both enrich me and propel me forward in my ongoing fight to restore dignity to the countless animals that have been denied it.

I manage the Long-Distance Support program, which is a truly special way of taking care of abandoned animals.

For many of our animals, the center in Romania is just a temporary stop on their journey towards adoption into a loving family. For others, however, the adoption process is more challenging, due to health or behavioral problems resulting from the traumas they have experienced in their past. In these cases, they remain in our care for extended periods and enter our long-distance program.

This sponsorship offers them a second chance, ensuring they receive sustenance, medical attention, and protection. Being able to see the positive transformations in these animals and the direct result of our efforts firsthand brings home the true meaning of everything we do. The most rewarding aspect by far is sharing these success stories with the numerous supporters who generously contribute each month to the well-being of our residents. It underscores the invaluable impact of their assistance, without which these animals would not be able to lead the peaceful and secure lives they deserve.  

Choose to adopt at a distance with Save the Dogs!

Visit https://adozioniadistanza.savethedogs.eu/

When you adopt an animal long-distance, you will be able to guarantee them food, veterinary care and a safe shelter. You will receive a Certificate of Adoption certifying that your new friend has become a member of your family. We will send you photos and videos with updates about his or her progress, and you will be able to meet your friend in person by visiting our shelter in Romania, guaranteed to  be a life-changing experience!