The kennel of Ovidiu

Finally stopped kill activities

2019 ended with some good news: the kennel of horrors of Ovidiu (against which in 2017 we collected almost 100,000 signatures) has apparently stopped its catch and kill activities.

The never ending pressure from Save the Dogs and many other Romanian activists has forced the company to transform itself into a pseudo non-profit association and to change its name several times.

According to some rumors, it seems that the businesswoman running the facility lost support from her political sponsor, a prominent member of the PSD party.

From the information we have collected, the company has no longer participated to any calls for the catch and kill of stray animals in the province of Constanta, limiting its business to the incineration of expired food and of carcasses.

Unfortunately this doesn’t mean a change of pace of the city of Constanta, which has reopened its municipality kennel where dogs are in dire conditions. The other kennels on the Black Sea coast continue to work at full speed, catching and killing stray dogs found on beaches. A partial victory therefore, which however gives us hope for the future.

Meanwhile, pressure continues on the municipality of Constanta so that, as in Bucharest, collaborations with private veterinary clinics are activated to guarantee free sterilization of owned animals.

About 10,000 dogs and cats were neutered in the capital during 2019, a positive initiative which Romanian municipalities should replicate to effectively fight the stray dogs phenomenon.