Trafficking of puppies and genetic mistreatment

Our president welcomed as a guest on the "Mi manda RAI 3" TV program.

Following recent news events involving the arrest of six individuals connected to the “Carlotta’s Puppies” breeding operation, our President Sara Turetta was invited to express her opinion on the matter during a television broadcast of the “Mi manda RAI 3” program.

The episode focused on the illicit trading of pseudo-breed puppies from Eastern countries, the involvement of celebrities in a market fueled by the suffering of countless dogs and cats, and the issue of genetic mistreatment.

“Carlotta’s Puppies” specialized in the sale of French Bulldogs, particularly the “blue” variant, which does not conform to breeding quality standards, yet has gained popularity due to influencers like Federica Pellegrini, despite the significant health risks associated with this genetic mutation.

Efforts by our organization to raise awareness with the famous swimmer immediately after the purchase, inviting her not to showcase her dog on social media, went in vain. Federica Pellegrini even chose to produce a ‘domestic litter’ of puppies herself, directly disregarding the advice given by animal welfare organizations to responsible dog owners.

The authorities discovered that the Italian proprietor of the Slovakian breeding establishment where dozens of footballers and VIPs had acquired their French Bulldogs was a Roman individual already incarcerated in Switzerland for unrelated offenses. This serves as yet another demonstration that those running these businesses are often part of criminal networks.

Sara Turetta also spoke about the significant responsibility of consumers, who have plenty of access to information but behave irresponsibly by imitating influencers, purchasing dogs and cats in the same way as they would if they were buying a handbag.  

It is possible to review the episode which was aired on Saturday 23 March below: