Ukraine: Explosion at Kherson Dam. Rescue operations are underway to rescue as many people and animals as possible

Sono migliaia gli animali coinvolti dall'esplosione della diga di Kherson

Thousands of dogs and cats are concerned by this tragedy.

Dramatic images are emerging from Kherson in Ukraine, where a dam exploded on Tuesday 6 June, causing widespread flooding in the surrounding area.

Kherson Dam breach: what are the consequences?

According to the initial reports we have received, the dam was hit during a Russian attack, resulting in a significant amount of oil spilling into the Dnipro River.

We immediately contacted our local partners to assess the severity of the situation, and the news we have received back is very distressing: more than 16,000 people are believed to be affected by this tragic event.


Animals are also affected by the devastation of the Kherson dam collapse

Thousands of dogs and cats living on the streets who have been receiving the regular supplies of food we have been sending to the area for several months are also concerned by this tragedy.

Some managed to escape to safety before the floodgates opened, but many of them – especially those kept on chains – have not survived.

Our partners are at the scene, trying to rescue as many animals as possible after the Kherson dam explosion

Our partners took immediate action to try and save as many animals as possible.

Anna Kurkurina, the world weight-lifting champion with whom we have been collaborating for several months, immediately traveled to Kherson to offer her assistance. Using an inflatable boat and with the help of some volunteers, she is navigating her way around the streets of the completely flooded city, rescuing injured animals and freeing those caught in the debris.

We are closely following the development of this dramatic situation and will continue to provide you with updates over the coming days.

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