Wendy has been adopted. Her story tells the tale of the work we do every day

In just a few months Wendy has gone from being a hurt and terrified animal to a dog who actively seeks people's affection, and who has now been adopted.
Wendy has been adopted

Wendy has been adopted

The day we discovered Wendy, she was huddled up in a ravine, so completely covered in dirt that it was virtually impossible to spot her. It was her frightened yelps that caught our attention: she had sustained a severe injury to her eye and jaw, the cause of which is still unknown. After months of working with her, Wendy has been reborn and has left us to join her new family.

Wendy has been adopted, thanks to the work we do at our shelter.  

When Wendy first arrived at our clinic, she was terrified of everything and everyone, including us. She remained curled up at the rear end of the isolation cage, refusing to move. It became clear very early on that she would need a lot of assistance to make a full recovery.

The moment we saw Wendy

The moment we saw Wendy

The first step was to operate on her eye and jaw, in order to allow her to heal physically. We made every effort to minimize the trauma throughout the entire process, and as soon as she was strong enough, we started working with her so that she could also overcome the psychological trauma she had experienced.

Day after day, she grew to realize that she was in safe hands at our clinic. Thanks to the work of the educators, she learned that new things do not always have to represent a threat and that she could still put her trust in people. She enjoyed new experiences, playing with a ball and ropes for the first time. She received what we believe to be her first gentle touches. And slowly but surely, she started to open up to us.


After a few months, she was ready to be adopted

Il cane Wndy guarda in camera e sorride dopo essere stata adottata

After a few months with us, that wounded and traumatized dog was transformed into a joyful, happy puppy who now loves to hear people’s voices

After a few months with us, that wounded and traumatized dog was transformed into a joyful, happy puppy who now loves to hear people’s voices. We know, in fact, that it has become very important for her to have someone to talk to her, because it makes her feel protected and safe.

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We do everything in our power to ensure that all the dogs in our care are totally ready and prepared when they are offered up for adoption. In this way, we make the process less stressful for them and increase the likelihood of the adoption being successful.

A new life has now begun for Wendy, and receiving photos of her sleeping on her belly in her new home has been the greatest reward we could possibly receive.

We would like to say an extra special “Thank you” to all the people who believe in our work and who support our projects, helping us every day to care for so many dogs like Wendy.