Sterilization is essential to prevent domestic litters contributing to the problem of stray animals

Domestic litters add to the complex issue of stray animals, which is why it is crucial to conduct sterilization programs, particularly in areas like Castel Volturno, where our ‘Too Many Puppies’ partner is located

“Pippi is the sixth dog I’ve had sterilized,” Mr. Nicola told us during one of the free sterilization days held by our partner in the ‘Too Many Puppies’ program at the San Francesco Dog Shelter in Castel Volturno in Campania.

Mr. Nicola’s dogs have already produced two litters, and he is taking care of all the little puppies that a home has not been found for, but he knows only too full well that he would not be able to keep any more dogs if a new litter was born. It is for this reason that he knew having his dogs sterilized was the right choice to make when he heard about our spay/neuter program.

You only have to spend a few minutes with Mr. Nicola to see that he loves his pets very much, especially little Pippi whom he holds onto while we prepare the paperwork to spay her.

Their story is common to many families in the area: since they are not spayed, the dogs naturally mate and new litters continue to be born, which in most cases leads to them being abandoned and further compounds the phenomenon of stray animals on the streets.

Mr. Nicola chose to take care of all the little puppies he couldn’t find a family willing to adopt them, but he realized that the situation would not be tenable in the long run, especially as new litters were born.

He then heard about ‘Too Many Puppies’, the program to combat stray animals that we launched in 2019 in Campania and Calabria together with our local partners.

We are supported by the San Francesco Dog Shelter in Castel Volturno, which organizes small twice-weekly sterilization marathons free of charge for dogs and cats for families living in the area and for strays monitored in the area by volunteers. Thanks to your support, we are able to cover all the expenses.

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Because of this program, dozens of families like Mr. Nicola’s and Pippi’s can have access to this procedure, thus avoiding the birth of unwanted litters that then run the risk being abandoned or placed in adoptions that do not always end well.

Domestic litters remain one of the biggest problems in the area, which is why the Shelter and volunteers work together to promote sterilization programs and reach out to families who haven’t yet had their pets spayed or neutered.