L’importanza delle sinergie per chi opera nel sociale

Comincia una nuova collaborazione con Fondazione Somaschi nell'ambito del progetto Amici di Strada, Compagni di Vita

Creating operational synergies whenever possible with the different organizations involved in assisting people in need is a choice that our foundation has always actively pursued, and never before have we been more aware of the truth of the statement that “unity is strength“.

operatori di amici di strada insieme a una persona senza fissa dimora e il suo cane a milano

Comincia una nuova collaborazione con Fondazione Somaschi nell’ambito del progetto Amici di Strada, Compagni di Vita

This is why for our project “Amici di Strada, Compagni di Vita” (Friends on the Streets, Companions for Life) we have chosen to welcome new opportunities for collaboration, given that we know that animals can help “build bridges” and can be an important intermediary in establishing a relationship with people living on the streets, individuals that society as a whole often pretends not to see.

Details of our collaboration with the Somaschi Foundation

An example of this collaboration is the partnership we have created with Fondazione Somaschi, which manages a number of different assistance programs. We are working together to improve the lives of people living on the streets with dogs, who are often denied access to basic services such as showers simply on the grounds that the presence of their dogs makes life at these centers more complicated to manage.

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To overcome this obstacle, Save The Dogs has provided the drop-in center at Fondazione Somaschi with a cage where animals can safely be left without creating any problems while the center’s facilities are used. The dogs only stay there for a very limited period of time, which has helped address any challenges related to their presence.

In addition, we are also providing the center with pet food, anti-parasitic treatments, and other necessary items such as leashes and muzzles so that the dogs can be handled appropriately during their visit.

A gesture for animals and their owners

Our Street Unit not only focuses on the well-being of the animals themselves, but support is also provided for their caretakers. In this regard, to give just one example, we have been able to act as a liaison for a young woman we are assisting so that she can have access to psychological and rehabilitative treatment, giving her the possibility of nurturing hope for a better future.

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What happens next is of course up to her, but we are extremely proud to have laid the first building block in providing a viable path forward for her. Things won’t be easy, but her life could potentially be changed forever.