What we are doing in Ukraine

We are providing life-saving support for over 4,000 animals, including cats and dogs, that have been left behind in the country.

Their situation is one of sheer desperation.

We have been sending food supplies every single month to more than 20 shelters in the Odessa area and to 400 volunteers who have been feeding the stray animals abandoned there with no means of protection and nothing to eat.

The food, blankets, dog houses, and other supplies we are delivering every month are essential for the survival of these animals. Countless animals in Ukraine are alive only thanks to our help.” Gregg Tully, Country Director of Save the Dogs Romania

What we have been doing since the conflict first began

  • We have ensured that people arriving at the border, fleeing with their animals, received the basic necessities, assistance and information about the documents they needed in order to be able to continue their journey into other European countries

  • We have welcomed 30 dogs that were evacuated from a facility in Odessa to our shelter in Cernavoda, Romania.

  • We are dispatching a continuous supply of food, blankets and dog houses to shelters and volunteers in Ukraine.


Ukraine. The rebirth of Henry and Bagheera

Three months after the destruction of the Kherson dam in Ukraine, here is an update about the dogs we helped to save.

The stories of the animals we saved after the destruction of the Kherson dam

Dozens of animals were rescued by our partners after the Kherson dam in Ukraine was destroyed. Here are some of their stories

The importance of creating synergies with those working in the social sector

Creating operational synergies whenever possible with the different organizations involved in assisting people in need is a choice that our foundation has always actively pursued, and never before have we been more aware of the truth of the statement that "unity is...

Ukraine: Explosion at Kherson Dam. Rescue operations are underway to rescue as many people and animals as possible

Dramatic images are emerging from Kherson in Ukraine, where a dam exploded on Tuesday 6 June, causing widespread flooding in the surrounding area. Kherson Dam breach: what are the consequences? According to the initial reports we have received, the dam was hit during...

We have begun our sterilization program in Ukraine. The goal: 1,000 animals in six months

One thousand animals in six months. That is the target we want to reach with our new sterilization project in Ukraine. After the outbreak of war, thousands of cats and dogs were left to survive alone on the streets. But while feeding them during the winter was the...

“It is the duty of those who are stronger to protect everyone who is weaker.” The story of Anna Kurkurina

“Many people have asked me why I didn't flee from Mykolaiv. I’ve been asked this same question many times, but that doesn’t make it any less painful to answer. Of course, I could live anywhere else, but my soul is here, in this city, in this country. I could never go...

Ukraine. She waited for her family for eight months, but they never came back

Many of us know the true story of Hachiko, the famous Akita pedigree dog who sat waiting patiently for over ten years for his deceased owner at the station from which he used to travel every day. During our last mission to Ukraine, we learned about a cat who was saved...

Protect the animals of Ukraine!

Born under the shadow of a war that is threatening their lives HELP US PROTECT THE ANIMALS OF UKRAINE! Born under the shadow of a war that is threatening their lives HELP US PROTECT THE ANIMALS OF UKRAINE! Thousands of animals che are still roaming the streets in...

Save the Dogs’ first mission in Ukraine

It was a very early start. It was practically deserted in Cernavoda that morning as we loaded all our supplies and everything we needed for Save the Dogs' first mission to Ukraine. Destination: Odessa, which had been our focal point for the dispatching of relief aid...

Relief aid in Ukraine during the winter months

A family weaves its way through the crowd. The mother, father and three children are wearing heavy jackets, hats, scarves and gloves. They are so covered up that they find it difficult to walk. In their arms they are holding tightly onto their animals: two small dogs...

Soi Dog Foundation has made it possible for Save the Dogs to send hundreds of tons of dog and cat food to Ukraine.

We distribute this food to hundreds of volunteers who give it to thousands of abandoned pets, as well as dogs and cats living in shelters.

Additionally, Soi Dog enabled us to donate hundreds of dog houses to protect cats and dogs from rain and snow and survive the winter.